Stories that Keep Me Alive

I binged the Rooster Teeth anime show RWBY ("ruby") over the last few weeks. Wow, was it good. It strikes that balance between humor and intensity, with deep character development, an overwhelmingly SFP cast, and a thrilling plot. I was supremely impressed. As I watched the Volume 4 finale (no spoilers, I promise!), I felt … Continue reading Stories that Keep Me Alive


Gender: Gay

I'm very familiar with the differences between gender orientation and sexual orientation. At the same time, they intertwine in nuanced ways. The more I think about it, the more I want to say my gender orientation is actually Gay. Let me explain. I believe gender is a social construct. I call myself a woman because … Continue reading Gender: Gay

Time Away

I'm a part of a private online group whose members are all recovering from the vagaries of fundamentalist christianity. Today being Meme Monday meant there was a wonderfully long list of hilarity to lighten my spirits (which I sorely needed). Among them was this: It made me laugh (and not cry, thankfully) because it's true. … Continue reading Time Away

Soulmates & Feelings

I grew up hearing that love is work. I have excellent parents who modeled the good and bad of marriage; who talked about sex and why it's great and why it's not everything; and introduced me to concepts of boundaries and good communication. I sucked this up, wanting to learn how to do this love … Continue reading Soulmates & Feelings

How Do I Say I’m Gay

It's so hard to get words out. I can lie in bed and know exactly what I'm going to say. But when I reach my computer, every word feels like self-revelation (because it is), and I'm terrified. I've lived under a critical sense of my self for so long: I don't know how to do … Continue reading How Do I Say I’m Gay